New Item’s

New hand crafted items are now available in the store. For the holiday season we have added wreath and bell brooches. Christmas Tree Brooch is coming soon. These are hand poured and painted in a classic design that has proven to be timeless. Look at the product page or the new product listing to the right for more details and to get your brooch.

Amazon Product Update

New items from have been added. Check them out and let us know if there is anything you would like to see here.

New Products Listed

New products have been listed on our Products Page. We have also added a products page for the products we are affiliated with through Amazon. Check out the page HERE, when you click an link it will take you to the product page on amazon. Any product purchased from Amazon is handled by Amazon, not Raven’s Nest. For Raven’s Nest products see our product page.

The New Raven’s Nest

Welcome everyone to the new Raven’s Nest online store and blog.  Over the next several days we will be migrating all products from the old store and from the Facebook listing to this site.  We decided to do a combination blog and store so that you our customers can see the time and effort put into making our products.  We will have some instructional posts up as well as product production and update posts as well.  The store will have many things coming soon and we will have our Amazon partner links here as well.  We hope you enjoy the new site and follow us as new products are introduced.